Accès WebGL. WebGL Access.

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Warning: the following access does not work on a tablet or a phone. When playing on tablet or phone, you must use the Google Play Store or App Store versions of the game.

It therefore concerns people who wish to play in a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) on a desktop computer or a laptop, either with an existing Jok-R-ummy account on iOS or Android or a new account.

To access it, you must purchase a WebGL subscription at a cost of $4.99 (Canadian) + tax if applicable. This subscription provides 4 months of web access to a Jok-R-ummy account. The web game is available in two resolutions: 1280 x 740 pixels as well as 960 x 620 pixels. It replicates the look of the mobile game and you can interac with players that are on mobile.

The WebGL access is given by default to the account associated with the e-mail that made the payment:

If you want to give the subscription to a friend, you will have to specify their e-mail in the box when you proceed to payment below.

Once an account is connected via WebGL access, it obtains during this access all the paid advantages found on iOS and Android:

For technical reasons, you will not be able to upload a custom Profile picture.

If you use a Jok-R-ummy account with an active WebGL subscription to play the App Store or Play Store versions on your phone, then strictly the paid benefits you have on those platforms that are tied to your Google or Apple ID will apply. Example: you have the "Denyse" account and bought pack A on iOS. This pack is linked to your Apple ID. So when you play with the Denyse account...

Also be advised that it is not possible to connect the same Jok-R-ummy account at the same time in two different places.

Accepted Payment Methods. Before proceeding to payment, please revise our Terms of use and Privacy Policy:

You will receive a payment confirmation from Paypal, followed by another e-mail from us as to how to access the game on the Web maximum 24 hours after payment, except during the Summer holidays where it can take up to 7 days. Check out your Spam folder. All sales are final. If you're unsure the WebGL version is right for your computer, we can give you a free trial for a few hours! Contact us at or on Facebook for this trial, don't forget to mention your e-mail. Thank you!